Phono amp/cartridge question

Currently, my setup includes a Pioneer Pl-630 TT w/Shure V15 type IV cartridge and a Cambridge Audio 640P phono amp. If I were to change to Graham Slee Gold V phono amp and a Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge would it result in an appreciable increase in transparency and bass output? Or would such a change simply be overkill with no real improvement in overall sound? Thanks for all responses.
I can't speak to the Virtuoso/Shure part of the deal, though I still own a couple of V15Vmr cartriges, and the last time that I tried them, several years ago, I did not find them lacking in bass. But the Cambridge is certainly a shade light in the bass and the Slee is more neutral, as well as being clearer. How much clearer? That will depend on what you have up stream, which will also determine if it is overkill, or not. If you are using a Pioneer home theatre receiver, probably, top of the line Audio Research, probably not.
The V15 IV is a dull sounding cartridge, it does not do clear.

Tried it in 1979-1980 and ended up going back to the V15 III.

Don't recall it being bass shy, but I used Rogers AB1's to cover the LF's and they did not go very low (started dropping off @ around 55Hz).

Try a thicker platter mat, or place a thin shim mat (or thin LP) under the mat you are currently using to see if the bass is VTA related.

One of the reasons the Shure sounds dull compared to some of the moving coils is that with standard loading the frequency response has a noticeable dip across the midrange. There were English companies who offered equalization networks to flatten the response and they reportedly improved the sound. In the old days there were small accessory kits that would allow you to alter the loading but I haven' seen one in years. The moving coil will present a very different mechanical loading of the arm and it may or may not work as well as it does with MM. Look on Vinyl Engine or Audio Asylum to see if anyone is using the table and what they are using in it.