Phono Amp Cables

I've just upgraded my OBH8 to a OBH9 SE and have decided to upgrade the cables. I have a Music Hall MMF5 and now use a set of Radio Shack cables that leave me with "bass bloat". Any suggestions?
Sorry - I guess it might help if I said I have a N.E.W. P3 tube preamp and a solid state Monarchy SM-70 amp. This all sounds pretty good thru Totem speakers.
I don't know if you've tried it but I would recommend you check out The Cable Company to find the one that works best for you. With TCC you "rent" cables from their library with all of these rental fees going to purchase.
Cable company is excellent. "Bob" is very knowledgable, others are probably too. Can't beat renting a cable, unless there is a local store willing to lend you cables.