Phono advice for my current set up please?

I am serious into vinyl for the past 5 years I already own around 1700, even if my digital set up sounds outstanding i get more satisfaction from analog sound, and i do trust my ears.
I am currently using:
Luxman 550 A II
Harbeth compact 7 ES3
REga P5 TT, DV 10x5
PS audio phono stage

I stopped using the PS audio phono cause i think the built in phono of the Luxman sounds a little more satisfying or simply better synergy with the Luxman harbeth warm sound.

I know I can do better with my analog set up without spending crazy money, i come here to listen to you guys the Gurus of the hobby, with your experience what you might think i can upgrade to bring my analog set up to heavenly experience.

Regards to you all.
The 10x5 is a nice sounding cartridge, but you can easily better it. The Dynavector 20x2 (the low output version) is an obvious upgrade, and I believe you can get a trade-in discount.

I have a 20x low-output (the previous incarnation of the Dynavector), but I prefer the Audio Technica AT33PTG for its neutrality and tracking ability. I also prefer the AT to my Benz Ace and L2 Wood cartridges. I haven't heard the new AT33PTG/II.

I had the 10x5 as well, and upgraded to the low output 20x2. Its a big change for the better and won't cost a lot.
Even though you do not care for the way the Liberty B2B-1 is being marketed, you could still take it for a spin. It is being offered with a 14 day return policy should it not light your fire.

And yes I do make them :-)

Good Listening

I agree with Dave above in that I think going to a micro ridge stylus will improve your detail resolution over the elliptical design in your current cart. That's where I would start the upgrade process. Seems that published reviews hold the Luxman's internal phono stage in high regard.
I also think a cartridge upgrade would be a good idea. I am not sure how much you want to spend. I think an upgrade to a Dynavector 17D3, Shelter 501 or 901 would make a significant difference in your system. I know that it did in my system. You should make sure the output is high enough for your phono preamp. The Dynavector should work great in your arm.
I use a Benz glider on my Rega P5 and am very happy with it.
I also use a Dynavector 17D3 on a Kuzma Stabi/Stogi S TT and lover taht one also.
I agree a better cart is the easy way to do an upgrade.
If you like the Luxman phono, no need to change that.
You probably will need to upgrtade in stages. You do seem to prefer a warm and rich sound given your choice of speakers and amp Yes upgrade your cartrisge to something on the detailed side, as a good balance, I own a 20X HO.It ia a High output MC = to a MM signal strengthin a moving coil cart, it sounds great to me. If others have actually compared the HO -the Low output may indeed be a better choice.
I would make my second change the Phono pre, I always think owners know what their systems really need and don't like second guessing the owner. So go with your guts on the Phono pre but which one you choose may depend on your cartridge.So it is not bad advice to pick a better cart. first
At least you didn't get the now ubiquitous "Its the room " while that may be a problem most rooms are OK for audio. Maybe not perfect but good enough.