Hello, I recently purchase a Bellari VP129 does anyone know of anyone that does tweaking or mods on phonos? If so, please direct me in the right direction please

Lastly, Any good phonos with USB out recommendations?

Thanks to all in advance
If you are thinking of tweaking the Bellari, wouldnt it make more sense to just buy a better phono preamp ? If you were to modify the Bellari, it would probably end up costing you more than what you paid for it originally.
True, but at this moment my budget is somewhat limited and since I am new to the vinyl world and just recently got me a TT, Phono, Vinyl cleaner, IC's etc I figure why not do a lil tweaking to what I already have...
I think the best tweak to the Belari would be to do some Tube rolling. You could probably have some fun there. I agree with Riley804 otherwise. IMO the next step from the Belari is probably to sell and add $50 (better still $100+)or so to what you get. That would take you a step up.

Here's a suggestion to complement the rest of your Jolida gear - you can get a Jolida JD9A on ebay, brand new shipped from the factory for $379. A really nice phono stock, with lot's of tweakability.