Phone stage for VPI Scout 1.1

Can anyone recommend a phono stage in the $300- approx. $1000 (new or used) range for my newly purchased Scout. I know there are tons out there however, any that stand out in this range or match well with VPI?
In addition my cartridge is a MM Ortofon 2M Black.

Its actually more important to match the phono stage to the cartridge you are using, not the TT.  So in this case an Ortofon 2M Black.  Being a MM cartridge, you want to find a phono stage that has as selectable capacitance as low as possible to at least 100pf.  Most fixed stages are at around 200pf.  Some standouts within your budget that I can think of would be...

Creek OBH-15MKII

Lehman Black Cube

Moon 110LP

Musical Surroundings Phonomena II

The above would be a good place to start.

There is a nice Croft listed here for $729 and a Suthreland PH-3 for $630. I don't think you would go wrong with either of these!
Thanks for the recommendations. I have never heard of Croft.
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Also saw another Sutherland (non battery) phono stage which looks like a step up from the PH-3. 
I just took a look at it and it has all the features you are looking for. The asking price is $950. You should make an offer on it!
A friend of mine uses the IPhono stage with stellar results in combination with his Scout/Zephyr.  Well worth the $$.  Smack in the middle of your price range.   
Sutherland seems to be a good one and receives nice reviews. The Insight is $1500 new I think however, $950 seems like a good deal. Do you have experience with Sutherland Yogiboy? What is the sonic signature? I'm more of a tube guy so I don't like the cooler side or front row but also don't like too warm or back row.
I never owned it,but it always gets great reviews. I like tubes ,that’s why I originally recommended the Croft! BTW,I use a Quicksilver phono preamp. It’s all a roll of the dice if something will work with your gear.  
True yes it is a roll of the dice unfortunately. I am inquiring about the Sutherland so we'll see. So many choices lol. 
You should try the Whest PS.30R...
I use an upgraded PS.30RDT which is stunning. 
Infection I can't afford a $4k phono stage :(

I had access to a battery operated Sutherland that cost 3k new. I compared it directly to a Musical Surroundings Phonomena I ($1200) in same system.

Based on what you like you would like the Sutherland. It had more of what people would consider a typical tube sound. Warmth, smooth, not as upfront and not as tight bass.

The phenomena was much more upfront with tighter bass. The Sutherland was a bit better at separating voices from the mix a tab bit quieter. Overall different presentations. That being said the Sutherland edged out the phenomena but considering the price difference the phenomena did very well and was not blown out of the water.

But again a Sutherland is more of the sound you may be going for.

Darkstar thank you very much for the advice. I think I will go for the Sutherland plus they review very well. I can always sell it for pretty much what I paid it I'm sure if I'm not satisfied.
Eastern Electric Minimax might be a good one to check out if you're into tubes. Is switchable for MM, MC high and MC low.

The new Musical Fidelity MX-VINL has caught my eye and looks very much like a winner @ $999. I've been highly satisfied with its predecessor, the M1-ViNL, along with a VPI Scout Signature with SDS speed control and Shure M97xE with a JICO SAS stylus. Certainly tough to beat at the price.
Butch thanks for the recommendation. If my offer on a SE PH-3D doesn't get accepted I will look closer at the Minimax. I do NOT like this new Audiogon buying and selling system. Before I could get a response in a reasonable amount of time and now it can take 2 freaking days. Grrrrr :(