Phone Stage and DAC for PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium

My current setup is a NAD M12/M22 v2 into Tannoy 8 dcti speakers.  My digital sources are an Innous Zenith MK2 (primary) and (secondary) M12 BluOS module for Tidal MQA.  I also have my trusty Technics SL-1600 MK2 turntable with Ortofon Blue that I'm going to replace with the SL-1200GR. I have Wireworld interconnects, and mostly VooDoo power cables, with a Furman 15psi power conditioner. 

I have not yet treated my listening room.  I wanted to get a warmer, more musical sound first and then treat the room.  I have considered buying a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated amp.  I live in the DC area, and have had two dealers give me that same recommendation because of my speakers.  I plan to audition the PrimaLuna over the next month or so.  

Assuming I go that route, I'm going to need a phone stage and DAC.  I'd like to get recommendations from current owners of the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium.
  • For the DAC, I'm giving strong consideration to the  MYTEK BROOKLYN DAC+ HEADPHONE AMP PREAMPLIFIER because of the reviews I've read.  My budget is $2,500.
  • For the phone stage, I'm just looking for recommendations.  My budget is $1,500.
Thanks for any recommendations received.
I have the Lehmann Black Cube SE2. a wonderful SS phono pre. around $1200.00, but if you wait you could find one used.
The Brooklyn has a Phono stage built in, you should listen to that and find out what you are missing or not.

BTW, I also have the Primaluna, Dialogue Premium Int. you should be really happy with it.

@oldschool consider the Gold Note PH10 Phono unit you can get then new for around $1300

mdelrossi1, I have a Teac X10-R that will use the RCA input, thus the need for a phono pre.  I still love the sweet sound of those old reels!

Both the Black Cube and Gold Note look very promising (and flexible).  Thanks for the recommendations.
My opinions....

Wait.... Everyone already knows my opinions. I would look for a used Herron Audio VTPH-1. Keith Herron might have one available that was traded in on a new VTPH-2. It would be your very best bet in a phono stage in that price range. It would also put you in a position to not want for a phono stage upgrade for a long time, if ever.

However, I might make another suggestion....

Rather than $1500 for a phono stage and $2500 for a DAC, you might want to consider reversing that to $2500 for the phono stage and $1500 for the DAC. I think you will get a LOT more for the extra $1000 in a phono stage than you would for a DAC.  You might even be able to find a used Herron Audio VTPH-2 (or if you're REALLY lucky, a VTPH-2A).

Just my opinions.

There is a really nice Hagerman Cornet II photo stage on Audio Circle for half the price you state.  I used one with my Primaluna PL2  great sound and I went through 5 tube stages before the Cornet
I would opt for a used Manley Chinook phono stage, and a Denafrips Venus DAC.

Have not heard any better DAC until you reach 10K.
Wow.  There are so many apparent good choices my decisions are going to be tough.  We have a lot of high-end dealers in the DC area, I can see a lot of trips in my near future.

I was researching the Denafrips Terminator; it really peaked my interest albeit a little above my budget.  

This is tough for me because the NAD gear does sound really good.  I have vintage McIntosh 31V pre / MC2600 PA and Pioneer SPEC-4 PA / SoundCraftsman SP4001 pre/EQ in my rather large rec room.  They sound warm and smooth with good SQ, limited by their matching speakers (DCM TimeWindow 3's and Boston L1000's, respectively).

The NAD gear has more detail, especially, when streaming Tidal Masters or playing DSD files.  I get a nice tight bass, and the overall SQ is nothing like I've heard before.  Setting up my first (and only) dedicated listening room is exciting, and challenging.  So I really appreciate all of the advice.