Phoebe Snow has died.

We lost Phoebe Snow today.
She was a real talent who gave up her career essentially, to care for a handicapped daughter.
RIP, Phoebe.

Poetry Man.

Good listening,
she realized what was most important in life. that is her good legacy
Wow, sorry to hear that. She was quite talented.
Great woman,
My favorite song of hers has to be "Merry Christmas Baby" off of the wonderful compilation album "Winter,Fire,and Snow" which to this day is still my all time favorite Holiday music CD.

May she rest in Peace
I feel bad. I still listen to one of her discs that has all of her hits, but I never knew until today that her career was derailed by the need to take care of her severely brain injured daughter. I always liked her and thought that her voice was unique, even though my friends made fun of me for it. It seems as if she was a very good person as well.
I still play her 1st album occasionally, always liked it since it came out.
There was something classy in her delivery.
Sad to hear she is no longer with us.
Great voice and talented singer. no matter that your friends could not appreciate her. She did some nice work with Dave Grusin. Worth digging up and giving her a good listen. Sad news.
RIP, a great talent.
"The Poetry Man"
I've always had a soft spot for "Poetry Man".

An enchanting and unique hit tune that caught my ear the first time I heard it on the radio .

Sad to hear.....
Poetry Man album is one of my all time favourites. "Either or Both" is just such a poignant tune and I shall miss her. "Sometimes this face looks so funny, that I hide it behind a book, sometimes this face has so much class, that I have to sneak a second look". RIP Phoebe.
Phoebe Snow seemed out of place when she came into prominence back in the early 70’s amidst Southern Rock, the Urban Cowboy influx, and on into the wave of Disco. That out of place originality set her apart from the on rush of glitzy glam talent. She was indeed gifted and special in her phrasing and her range, making her music still more memorable..

I recall spending many hours on the atlantic coast beaches, listening to her debut album enjoying her music, the scenery and her vocal gifts. Sunsets were always better with the lighter music of that day from her, Jackson Brown, Minnie Ripperton, Gino Vanelli, Jimmy buffet, Boz Scaggs, Pablo Cruise, joan Baez, , etc. amongst them all however Ms Snow always seemed to bring about a better pace and flow to those times.

That’s too bad. It’s fascinating that she made a choice such as she did to sacrifice her ambitions for the needs of another. That is just so rare, it’s almost unheard of today. . Goodbye… Phoebe. God bless.
Great voice, great person, and a devoted mother.

I remember a duet she did with Linda Ronstadt, "The Shoop Shoop Song", on SNL years ago. It was awesome.

When she came to Louisville back in the mid/late 1970's...memories get tricky that long ago...I seem to remember that she announced that she'd be going off the road to care for her then new born daughter.
Her potentially wonderful performance was spoiled for me by the incredibly LOUD VOLUME of the overall concert.
I went out to the lobby to listen...she was really remarkable as a vocalist. I wish her sound man hadn't been deaf.
A month later Chuck Mangione came to Louisville Palace--I got tickets LATE--they were up front in front of a 'stack', and I thought 'here we go again'. But NO, the sound was virtually acoustic--the sound man only used the stack for a tiny bit of amplification.

RIP were unique AND a good mom.

Good listening.
I am very saddened by this news. Phoebe was a distinctive stylist. That rare kind of singer that had both an incredibly unique sound, and a palpable sense of honesty and sincerity in her singing. Most singers, in the absence of such sincerity, would sound merely "affected".

On a personal note: My wife and I have generally different musical tastes. She leans more to folk/pop. A Phoebe Snow concert in NYC two years ago was the only live performance by a "pop" artist that has ever inspired a night out for me. It was a great show. Phoebe will be greatly missed. RIP.
Not sure if anyone else listens to Howard Stern; he played a couple of live recordings of Phoebe singing the blues w Leslie West playing guitar. It was unbelievable, truly transcendent. Now I have to find out how to get copies? Any ideas?
Swamp, Howard Stern fan? Now the speedo/rollerblades thing makes perfect sense!
Thanks for that visual...may not sleep tonight.

Good listening,
I comletely agree with your comments about Phoebe. A singer, no matter how gifted, cannot disguise a lack of truth and emotion in their voice with any kind of artifice or stylizing. She was the real thing.
Listened to D Fagen's NY Rock & Soul Revue the other night. Phoebe is on that. What a dynamite voice.