Phishing Scam?

I see in the archives there was a problem and it looks like it might be back. Can anyone on staff help me out here? You can see the obvious danger in disclosing this type of information.


Even though it may look legit - it's a fake and email is the least secure way of soliciting or sending information. It looks like it points me to a secure address but dont buy it for a second. I logged in and checked mt account and there is no mention of it there or on the home page.

I got this email this morning :

Dear Member,

Due to the fact the AudiogoN community is growing, we have to make a general system revision and create an email token for every account in order to keep our marketplace secure and reliable for the current active buyers and sellers. As an extra security check you'll have to confirm your identity by submitting your last payment billing information's, without your credit card being charged.

The email token has to be created within 48 hours or your AudiogoN account will be temporarily disabled until further notice.

Please go the following web page:
Click Here

Thank you,
The AudiogoN Staff
Googling "" returns exactly one hit (vs. gazillions for Then check the thread it points to (especially the identical link a couple of messages down) 'cause it points to the same destination:

You can ping & and get an address - not so with "".

Positootely gotta be a phishing expedition...
Bumping it back to top....great info!
E-mail "phfishing" scams are nothing new to veterans of cyberspace. They have been perpetrated for many years now. It is only in recent months, however, that a few have begun targeting Audiogon Members. The above email presented a link AS IF going to '' but the actual url was to a russian web server of the domain '', which presented a mimic of the Audiogon login page. We are not sure how many members may have received the above email, but we have had only a few members contact us about it. Our system is extremely protective of member email addresses so the criminals could reach only a small group from what we can tell. We are pursuing all possible methods to shut down the criminal site.

The goal for these con-artists is to gain access to legitimate accounts and use them to post deals that are usually "too good to be true". We have, so far, been successful in our maneuvers to repel the vast majority of these invasions of our community, and we continue to develop new and more effective means to block these criminals.

First and foremost, Audiogon will NEVER ask for your information via email (nor will Paypal, eBay, or other legitimate providers). Under no circumstances will we find it necessary to email members and request password or credit card information. We expect users to navigate to such screens via their own bookmarks or while using our site. If you ever have any doubts about the legitimacy of any email you receive from any company, contact that company via an email address that you know is secure or by phone to confirm. As a general rule, if something feels wrong, it probably is.

We hope all of members continue to stay safe in all of your internet transactions. As always, if you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at
THANKYOU!!!!for this,never ceases to amaze me of desperation of these low lifes.Appreciate hearing about this from others and agon.