Philps MC 50 Mini System beats my high end setup

I seriously hate to admit to this but I have an office system (Philips MC50 Micro system) that sounds great; Connected to internet radio it's better than my home high end system. I have the Philps MC50 hooked up to my Dell desk top computer in my office so I can listen to Internet radio (RadioIO Jazz Standards /at 128k speed). It simply excels at clarity, crispness, transparency, open clear midrange/ detail, bass, and a black background. Can't get that clarity and transparency from my setup. Raysonic cd128/ Blue Circle BmPH integrated, and Reimer Wind River Speakers /and or/ Definitive Mythos ST speakers -Reality cables. It's really very frustrating but the little inexpnesive (and older) Philips unit puts you right into the music. Damn if it doesn't! Come to think about it, I've also got built in room treatments because of my office cubicle side walls being great sound absorbers. But even before I had the Philps in the cubicle this little unit sounded awesome. And no, I have no room treatments at home- there's no room in my stuffed family room.
Strange as it may sound ... maybe you are more relaxed in the office or can listen with a minimum of interruptions, or really look forward to the radio, etc. About 10 years back I was working in the UK on the whole Y2K/ Euro thing and I purchased an AIWA CD/TAPE/RADIO boombox for my apartment. I placed the boombox on a built in shelf in my living room and the sound was excellent. I could listen for hours, which was easy enough given the state of UK TV ten years ago. Go figure.

Regards, Rich
Thanks for your thoughts Rich. To me the unit is just a match of good all around speakers to electronics.
Sounds like you've got some tweaking to do in your big rig. Honestly, with the gear you've got, something's wrong if that mini system beats it.