Phillips chip?

Are any members using a cd player or dac with a TDA1541A or TDA1543 chip?What are you thoughts on either or both also?Thanks for your response.
One of my Dacs is a Teredac Chamelion which uses 16 each TDA 1541A chips. It is the most analog sounding dacs I have ever heard. It also is a NOS dac. Non over sampling. No digital filters and no analog output stage. Output is taken directly off the chips. These are wonderful sounding R2R chips

for us CD lovers, the Phillips TDA1541 was the best chip ever manufactured. It appeared in many, many CD spinners over the years. Not really sure when its production stopped?

If you have a chance of getting any player w/ this chip set- go for it! Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I have a Magnavox CDB582 (TDA 1541A) and CDB492 (TDA1543) and like the sound as well.They aren't the sturdiest of players,but the sound is good.
OH,have a CDB465 (TDA1541) too.
I've had several CDP and DACs using this chip, including Cambride CD2 back in the 80's. My current reference is the Audial Model S USB DAC which has the Double Crown chip, instead of the standard 1541 chip. It is NOS. If you are looking for naturally detailed sound similar to vinyl, NOS 1541 is hard to beat. One thing that's apparent when listening to a NOS DAC with this chip is midrange magic lacking in almost all new generation chips. Some say the deep bass and highs are a little rolled off, but it really depends on how it's implemented.
Purchased a C7 power cord to use with the players,still listening to all three to determine which one I prefer.
Your personal opinions on the best sounding Phillips chip is?
i don't know which the best Phillips DAC IC is but I have a Scott Nixon NOS Saru DAC+ & I like the sonics of it. It uses the TDA1541 DAC IC.
I have a modified Musical Concepts Magna vox
player not sure of the model number. But it has a
Crown Dac chip in it as well as Dupont teflon
Caps and a dual mono outboard power supply. It's
my back up player,sounds very tubey.
Asked Musical Concepts about mods and was told they no longer mod these cd players.Think they stopped years ago.
Oh yeah was wondering if John Hillig was still
kicking around.
Was wondering if anyone preferred the sound of one chip versus the other?
I second Dracule1's comments; my player is the AMR CD-77.1, by far the best CDP I've heard. Beyond the NOS Crown chip, it's built like a tank and has a mega tube output stage. Yields a very "analog" presentation, but with no deficiencies at the frequency extremes.