Phillips 962 & 963

Are these units basically the same?

I see Acoustic Sounds is selling the 962 on their site. Is this the "American" or NA version of the 963?
From what I know, the DVD963SA is the new unit. JandR is taking pre-orders on this new machine and it is selling for about $385.00. Check at Phillips site for more information on both units. The 963 is available in Europe but it is going to be available in the States at about mid-March.

I'm also looking at it as a good cheap alternative to join the SACD wagon. Although the tittles available are limited(based on my taste), it provides terrific video performance, is compatible with anything less DVD-A, I heard saying it upsamples regular red book cd's and it is a good SACD player. It also has coax out for DAC connections (if neccesary).

Hope this help and, please, verify it.


They are not at all the same. I would wait for the 963; it should be far superior to the 962 in both video and audio performance.
My understanding is that the 963 is expected to be shipped to stores by March 3-ish, and should be in the hands of those who pre-ordered them by 3/10 or so. Of course, such dates are routinely pushed back, so who knows...
Yes, the 963 does have upsampling on red book, something the 962 does not. Thus the feature difference is significant and the price difference isn't. I have my order in at J&R and looking forward to getting it, though it seems to be continually delayed... Haven't heard why.
No need to even wait. Just got an e-mail from Oade Brothers saying they're in stock. Unfortunately, I'm a bit tapped out right now.
I have already taken delivery of the 963, AV-Outlet can deliver right now. Excellent machine better than my Meridian 500/566 combo

Big difference between 962 and 963. Different DAC different laser units and power supply.