Phillips 9500’s are fantastic!!

I got these on sale before the holidays. I am f ing thrilled with their performance!!!  These are a ridiculous bargain for open back headphones. They can be run right from your phone . 
Nice wide soundstage , fantastic imaging , great tonality, fast, accurate, plenty of base .
These are an absolute no brained for under $80. The sound of these headphones goes waaay above their price point. 
I owned Shure 846’s that go for nearly a grand for a year .These are better IMHO . 
I also liked these ten times better than the 400i’s which once retailed at $500, now go for $160. No contest!!  The 400i sounded dull, slow , muffled in comparison to me. 
Nice and very lightweight, superb comfort, excellent build quality for the money. 
I have listened to Opera , classical, Rush to Alt . Folk, Jazz. All genres sound great to my ears .
I have owned Green Mountain Europa , SP Technology Minis, and Vapor Breeze speakers . 
I do plan to hear my friends’s HD 800s with his rig in the next few weeks .