Phillips 685 turntable

Hi guys, I'm starting to get into audio and would like an inexpensive, but decent turntable. Funds are very limited at present - even $500 for a new Rega, etc. would be difficult - so I thought a used turntable might at least allow me to listen to vinyl. My pre-amp has a good phono section so that won't be a problem. There is a nice condition Phillips 685 belt-drive turntable with new Grado cartridge available in my area for a very reasonable price. I was wondering what your impressions are of that table, keeping in mind that it is my entry into vinyl. Thanks
Sorry, I don't need an answer to my question as I bought the turntable tonight. It is a long way from an audiophile quality table - being mainly plastic - but the price was insignificant for a table in excellent condition and which included an extra Grado Gold cartridge. So, I'll play with it for awhile to see if I enjoy the vinyl ritual and perhaps, in future, when funds are more available move up to a good table.
Congratulations on your recent entry into the world of vinyl. I hope you enjoy the journey.