Phillips 1000 APL mod

Stereotimes just gave the modded unit a very positive reccomendation. Has anyone heard this player with the " reference Mod " yet?
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Alex is swamped and has been trying to catch up(one man show). Email and phone can be tough, although I've had luck reaching him with consistent effort. You can check his forum at and get more info about what is going on. Several users have talked about their experience with the APL modified Phillips SACD1000 on AA as well.
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Took the dive and sent mine off for the Reference mod on that unit. Thanks for the info Tvad and Mab33.
I've heard it in my system. Alex brought it over to do a shoot out with my Audiomeca Mephsito II.X player. The Mephisto was superior in the area of having a more sonically black background, however, taken on pure musicality I felt the Phillips/APL mod gave a better showing then the Mephisto that day.
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Vocals had more of a chesty impact and the musical instruments were less "metalic" sounding, which is the trait I've noticed of digital sound compared to pure analog. Unfortunately these impressions were had with one of my speakers having a defective mid-range ribbon panel, which I was not aware of at the time. I would need to do another comparison with my repaired speaker...though since both players were handicapped the same way...who knows, it might be the same again.