Phillip Glass Fans

Hearing a radio program on NPR prompted a new interest in this composer....I am really captivated by his minimalistic style. Are there any fans out there who can recommend some recordings (CDs or LPs) I can start with? The only one I have so far is Glassworks, which consists of some of his compositions all performed on organ.
Audiotomb -

I had to smile at your description of the PG Ensemble live:
it is almost word for word the way I've described it in the past;

Nearly asleep, then BAM! (apologies to Emiril) like it's almost a physiological effect. You certainly walk away appreciating the impact that music at high spls can have.

If I recall, the music press was calling it "trance music".

The soundtrack for "Mishima" is beautiful as is the "Photographer". The "Low" symphony is one of Glass's most understated and, IMO, best compositions. Gosh, I just counted and I have 44 Glass Cd's! I've been a fan since Eistein on the Beach. On the simpler side, some of Glass's solo piano compositions are stunning. Because of the signiture "big" sound of much of his classical music, I have found that some of his music has been badly recorded creating a muddy "wall of sound" result. However, there are certainly more excellent recordings than bad.
I have his face on my wall... via Chuck Close, but his music hasn'r really grown on me.
Check out what he did with Bowies music
Thanks Elizabeth for the Aguas da Amazonia recommendation. I just picked it up and it is wonderful!