Philips VAM1202 Transport Problem- Need some help

The exact model # is Philips VAM1202/21LD. The transport refuses to play certain discs (especially Gold CD's), has also become very sensitive to vibration. Does other weird/annoying things as well. Questions: 1) is there any adjustment that I can make myself to the laser,2) any available software pic updates to solve issues 3) can I replace with any VAM1202 or upgrade it to a better transport. 4) where can I buy a VAM1202 here in the USA.

Transport related issues in current production machines are about to drive me away from buying ANY new cd player. The only choice is a cheap Philips/ Philips Pro or Sony. Seams I'm better off with an outboard Dac and using cheap/disposable DVD transports. Or even feeding the DAC from PC hard drive.

Thanks for your help

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