Philips Transport Remote Open Button ???

Please share your experiences compared with mine, to wit:

I had an AR CD-2 which has a Philips 12.4 transport. The remote that came with the player was somewhat generic (probably subcontracted from Daisy). The "disc" button, which was the open/close button often did not work on the first push if the remote had not been used in a day or so. The other buttons did not have this issue and this is/was not a battery issue.

I then had a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 with the same Philips 12.4 transport, but a more "custom" remote--but still the standard plastic remote that came with the unit. It never exhibited this problem.

I decided to attribute the problem to the faceplate lens/window on the AR CD-2. Wrong! I then got a Stello transport which has a slightly newer version of the Philips 12.4 transport. The Stello remote is identical to the AR CD-2 remote and exhibits the same weird behavior with the "disc" (open/close) button.

Okay, obviously there is something funny with this particular remote transmitter unit; but what? And why only with the "disc" (open/close) button? None of the other buttons, including "standby," ever require a second push. Moreover, the "disc" button never requires another second push during the same listening session--only after sitting for a day or more.

Any ideas? This is not a battery issue. My home is smoke, pet and almost dust free with the temperature and humidity controlled at all times. So go figure!
My guess is the contacts on the circuit traces under the disc button are contaminated. I've had luck restoring them with a non-abrasive car wax like Meguiar's. Try isopropyl alcohol first, but if it won't dissolve the crusty carbon(?) buildup go for the car wax. In my case the build up was under the volume buttons on a preamp remote. They were the functions most often used. In any case, if the traces look good, never mind :^)
Thanks, Rock. You may have something here. If so, my guess would be that something in the manufacturing process is causing a deposit of some kind to land on the "disc" button and no place else. The Stello remote is brand new.