Philips tells industry: "Don't Mess with the CD "

See the attached Sterophile link. Phillips which holds the patents to "Redbook" standard CD technology is saying that new CDs that have copyguard and playback restriction technology are not up to Redbook standards, so cannot not be called Compact Discs and should be labeled accordingly with warnings, etc. Very interesting.
THREE CHEERS for Philips !!!!!!

Ok guys, here's how us audiophiles, who normally don't count for much in the music industry, can make a difference:


Who cares what, just send some money their way. Let's see, the mother-in-law wants a small tv in the kitchen, the wife wants a new tv recording device (vcr's dead), and the kid wants a new walkman/mp3 player, and I'm thinking about a flat panel tv. Well, I'll be looking to Philips.

I just wish Philips would dump those cooky flat tv ads.
We're just fortunate that philips HAPPENS to be on our side in this matter. It's just a coincidence that their interests appear to somewhat coinside with our own (playback restricted CDs = suck). Though things could change in the future...

Also, FYI - Philips own MARANTZ, too. So I guess in a round-a-bout way, you could buy Marantz stuff and support Philips. Just another option.

(disclaimer: I do not work for Philips, nor Marantz. nor do I own stock. Nor does anyone in my family, nor any friends. My city does not collect tax revenue from Philips or Marantz, nor any competetors. Now.. I DO OWN a Marantz CD player and a Marantz learning remote control. Both of which, I AM A SATISFIED owner. /end standard disclaimer...)
Well, it very nice to have some news from the industry to balance the Sonic Frontiers story.

And Thanks Sugarbrie for the varied and continuing advise/recommendations on classical music.

(Disclaimer: I'm clueless}

Sincerely, I remain
It truly is an amazing company, read what they have invented over the past years, most of what Sony has is from Philips...

I just went out and bought 10 philips lightbulbs...did my part !! :)
Hey there Aroc,

We might not get to choose our battles, but we can support those who’s interests coincide with our own. Lets hope the $ follow Phillips and not the loser (protectionism at any cost) companies.

I wonder if those FAT protectionist companies aren't barking up the wrong tree anyway. ...Seems to me that companies like Microsoft et competitors stand to do a lot more to effect data-transfer & media/copyright infringement issues. Look at them going after the video game market - Sony be damned!

As long as MS can successfully protect their own intellectual property they won't care what happens to the recording/music industry - unless it makes them $ to be interested. I'd say we've got a better chance of an IT company coming up with a better (data) 'standard' than the music industry.

Just another rant…