Philips stopped transports?

I heard that philips have stopped selling (or even producing) cd transports is that true?

(read it at Stereophile jan06 on quad cdp2 review if I remember well)
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They were having problems with a number of their CDPs or SACD players not working, but I wasn't sure they had stopped production. There were serious issues with their latest transports, seems like they hung their customers out to dry! That had to hurt!
Maybe someone knows for sure?
The article was referring to cd-only transports, ans yes very few are still manufacturing them today. Given that the majority of transports go into mass market products which are more focused on stuff like DVD video and compatiblity with the various compressed formats, it's easy to see why.
I own a Philips 985 recorder. An $800 purchase and the worst co.service to go along with the worst player.AVS forum is full of complaints similar to mine /re. Philips.I don't mind if they make transports for other co's---as long as the other co works out the bugs and has better co. service. I think they just keep grinding out new products before fixing the old;instead of having a solid base,on which to build.