Philips SACD1000 Filter

I have a SACD1000 and did a disappointing review with the FILTER positioning on "1--Normal" All my gears supports ONLY up to 20K Max, SACD's ultrasonic goes up to max 50K and I am aware what the Manual was telling, that I will burn my tweeters or the amplifiers. Lots of others been claiming that with the FILTER positioning on "3--No Filter" sounds a lot better, but I think... does it worth amm the other gears to try this? What if the ultrasonic really kill my $8K gears? Anyone know if I should keep it on "1-Normal" or "3-No Filter"?
I sincerely doubt that it will hurt anything what so ever. Most electronics can easily accept a signal well above 20 KHz. If it couldn't, it would literally blow up or at least be damaged if someone were to try and do a technical review of the unit. I say this as it is quite normal to measure the bandwidth of the unit and to do this, you must feed high frequency signals into the component. As such, it would either work with no problems or go into protection mode. Whether or not it can reproduce such a signal at full amplitude with good linearity is another matter.

For the record, the amplifier that i'm running this with has a protection circuit that is linear out to appr 80 KHz and then kills anything above that point. I've had no problems with this nor do i expect anyone else to. If you really are worried about it, try calling the manufacturer of your gear and find out if it TRULY is "digital ready". Sean

PS.... Most MC phono cartridges have frequency responses that can go well above 20 KHz. I've never heard of anyone blowing up their phono stage, but then again, i don't think that there is too much vinyl with that much high frequency content.
Would you be able to find out for me Sean? That is the Marantz PM-17 is compatible for such filter setting? If I call Marantz, I bet they will tell me to go buy a "SA Version" of the PM-17... speaker wise, I think it's okay with the B&W 801 S2, right?