Philips SACD-1000 repair and mods?

I have a Philips that is in need of repair as it will skip and not read regular cds. I was also told that these can be upgraded. I was hoping to have both the repair and mods done at the same time. Does anyone know who upgrades and repairs these? Thanks in advance for you time and help!!!

UNless you can find another one for parts you pretty much have a boat anchor on your hands. The 2 chips that typically fail apparently are no longer around so most repairs and mods are not available to you. Alex at APLhifi could be contacted to confirm this info and you could always try a lens cleaner with the hope that this might be a short term fix. Lots of this info in the archives here
Do a search of the archives. This question was just answered last week by Alex of APL (the repair and mod guru for Philips SACD-1000).

You aren't going to like the answer. The units can not be repaired as Philips no longer has any parts available. The upgrade process does not address the functional issue, so you are likely out of luck unless you can find a source for the part (not likely as many other folks have looked without results).

I'm no expert, so search the archives for the bad news....

I can get some Furore chips they would cost you $175 + shipping /firm
Plus I can get the Mace chips for $75.00 + shipping /firm

both upon availability
if you buy 10 or more can give you 10% discount
Interesting that one person says he has SACD1000 machines in his shop that cannot be repaired because Mace and Furore chips are impossible to obtain, and another person is offering a 10% discount on purchases of 10 chips or more...although Macallan25 has a disclaimer of "both upon availability", which begs the question of availability.