philips sa 963 vs marantz sa 8260

was wondering if anyone has directly compared these
two players in the same system. Am interested in each but
havent been able to check them out side by side.
forgot to mention. am interested primarily redbood cd
heard both. went with the marantz sa8260. the sound quality are excellent on both. the marantz is a very musical unit that has little to fault at this price. the redbook is pretty amazing.

the vocals and musicality of the unit is outstanding for units less than $2k.

though the marantz is better built,there have been servo/transport / toc errors. it took 2 x to the marantz factory to be repaired.

i think alot would depend on how much you want to spend.if less than $400, the phillips(1 year warranty). if you want to spend $700- than the marantz (3 year warranty.

i initally found the marantz a little on the warm side, but now it is broken in very neutral and musical. i think it is very unusual to find a "musical" digital source. they are few and far apart.

hope that helps,

Mike, where did you find the 8260 for $700?