Philips Mini Watt GZ34

For those of you that may have a Cary SLP 05 Pre. I just replaced the standard 5AR4 rectifier tube with a Philips Miniwatt GZ34 and WOW what a difference. Added quietness and a clarity.
Where did you locate your GZ34...and the cost..they seen really hard to find.
Besides sounding great in the Cary 05 I'm sure they would sound nice in other equiptment that takes the 5ar4..
I would like to try one in my Cary PH-302.
I use a Mullard 5AR4 in my SLP-05 and love it.
There was a guy on here that had a SLP-05 for sale and mentioned the Philips mini watt he was using would not be included in the sale so I inquired and he sold it to me. Now...I'm sceptical about some of this stuff, but WOW made a big difference in quietness, clarity and warmth. $265 and as I was worth it.
Was his name Joey_V?
Yes, Joey V
I was tube rolling. Found a phillips miniwatt GZ34 in my stash. Put it in my Allnic phono stage. I could not believe the difference it made. Everything was bigger, deeper and wider. Very natural sounding with no harshness.
Hi Markus,

Is your GZ34 metal base or black plastic base? I want to get one for my SLP-05 too, wonder if plastic base is inferior or same.

The GZ34 I bought was metal based and, as I understand, these are hard to find. Don't have any experience with the plastic based ones so could not advise on that issue.

Happy hunting