Philips DVD/SACD 1000 player,any good?

Hi, While I am looking for Upsampling upgrade of my Ah4000 CDP,I wonder if it would be a better choice to get Philips DVD/SACD 1000 player instead (since I don't have any DVD player anyway). However, I am a bid skeptical about such a decision because(1)would sonically SACD out-perform the Upsampling of my CDP?(2)I don't need those multi-channel/DTS features ,all I need is for 2-channel stereo music enjoyment.would those "extra" features cause the unit more easily out of order? My other unit :NADC370 amp;TruthLink IC.(harmonic tech);Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable;Quadral Ascent850 spkr(3 way-floor standing,fron-ported bass reflex)
Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot
For whatever it's worth, accourding to Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound it smokes the $28,000 Accuphase SACD player and dac.
Acoustic Sounds is having a sale on these.
It is a huge upgrade from your tjoeb and is a fantastic deal ast half price right now. Also check with oade bros, they usually have the best prices going. Upsampling is no majic bullet and for regular cd my favorite is 47 labs zero oversampling systems.