Philips CDM9Pro CD transport drawer mechanism

I have a failed drawer tray mechanism in my Audiolab 8000CDM, and have been trying to locate a replacement part (Drawer gear, loading gear, pinion gear), whatever you want to call it.
I have had NO luck at all. So I am investigating having a pinion gear replacement part for this custom made probably out of delrin, or nylon.
If anyone has similar problem, and is interested in a replacement part please email your interest to the addresses below.

I see NO reason not to try and fix this transport, it is a great player, and the laser is still working fine.
Have you contacted TagMclaren audio .. they bought out audiolab.
Have contacted Artech, no luck; contacted TagMclaren (took over Audiolab)no luck; contacted Philips, no response (yet). Trying a different approach here.
I don't have this problem. Yet. But my Theta Data Basic II uses the CDM9 PRO so I suppose it is just a matter of time as all things mechanical eventually fail.