philips cdm9 pro

Yup! The laser is wearing out in my Theta Basic II, thanks to that Philip's CDM9 Pro. Any ideas of how to get a replacement either the same model or a compatible one?
--Robt, the Wounded
When I was researching Theta transports six years ago, the very issue of the discontinued CDM9 came up. That's why I went with the Theta Pearl which at the time used the Pioneer Stable Platter which was still being made then. I think that has since been discontiued as well. I can't be sure though.

Back then I wrote Theta and they said finding mechanisms for the Theta Data Basics would be very difficult if service was required, and that was six years ago, so I imagine it's even tougher today.

You might try and contact them. Ed Deitemeier of Theta was very helpful when I was looking for a transport, but as I said, it was a long time ago and I don't know if he;s still there.

Good luck!
I have heard a rumor that you can substitute CDM-9Pro laser with CDM-9, which is still available.

I was not able to confirm that info though, so you have to research it by yourself.
Gunbei: Yes. Very difficult. Have good guy at Theta who agrees this will be a rough hunt. Maybe I'll have to go over to Musical Fidelity if nothing turns up.