Philips CDM3 Transport

I have a Krell MD 10 wich uses the Philips CDM3 transport. I need to replace the laser. I can not seem to locate the parts I need. Can anyone direct me to a shop or technician who can help. Does anyone know of other products that use the CDM3 such as computer drives, cd players, automobile cd players. Thanks.
One thing you might want to keep in mind: some of the Philips laser assemblies that Krell uses are not just off-the-shelf units; they modify them so you may not be able to simply drop a CDM3 mechanism into your MD-10. Although I'm not sure if this is the case with the MD-10, I know this is true with the KPS-20i. Just curious; did you try getting the mechanism through Krell?
I first went to Krell. I was told the unit was worthless. Thay say no parts are availible. Thanks for your response.
In the Micromega product: Trio CD.2 (Mk1)they uses a Philips CDM3 mechanism, part Nr: 063798 all in metal.
Maybe they have the parts you need.