Philips CD-80 digital output quality?

I'm trying to decide whether to keep my Philips CD-80. While it has a physically very solid transport, I don't think the topic of jitter had become important yet when it was designed.

So, I'm wondering how it compares with modern devices at various prices. Would even an inexpensive but overachieving device like an Oppo 980, which I'm looking into for DVDs, SACDs and DVD-A, be just as good feeding a moderate priced DAC ($1-2k)? Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you!

WP, I too will be interested to see responses to this thread. I also own a CD80, although I only use it as a transport. I use a EAD7000 Mk3 DAC and this seems to be a nice improvement over the 80 as a stand alone unit.
I know this is an old thread but I have a Philips CD80 modified by Enlightend Audio back in 1991. I thought the newer units must be better so I bought a Sony 5400. The sound to my old 69 years was very close. The Sony was more detailed but the Philips was more musical. I sold the Sony.