philips 963sa player

Power outage in apt seems to have caused this player not to turn on.Player was plugged into a tice power block which is working fine I was wondering can it be a fuse, I also noticed when I unplug unit the IEC inlet ground pin is missing can this cause a problem and should I replace it or just leave well enogh alone and just check the unit for a blown fuse. Ps if I do replace IEC inlet how do I determin the size for replacement? Thanks to all audiogoners for your response.
Have a qualified tech fix it as it may be more than the ground pin. Great unit.
My Philips 963SA went DOA after a couple of power shutoffs too. For now my fix was an Oppo DV-980H. Picture is about as good, and better when upconverting thru HDMI, and I like all sound better, plus it plays DVD-A.

Still not sure what to do with my dead 963SA either.
Oh, BTW, your IEC socket isn't "missing" the ground pin; that's just the way the unit is built and shipped, with an IEC-compatible 2-pin cord. The (now discontinued) Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro was the same way.
Had same problem, was high capacitance, low voltage cap on the PS board. Don't have cdp any more so don't recall value, but there is only one like it on the board. Surprisngly radio shack had one in their but a bunch of electrolytics for $5.