Philips 963 SA -transport

I'm considering a mod'ed Philips 963SA.However, since this is a low priced unit stock, I wonder how good the transport is? Can anyone out there give me some feedback? I don't want to spend the $$ on a unit that will break down in a few yrs.I'm a budget audiophile. My goal is to have a universal player .I'm eager to try SACD as well as the new upsamling technology. Thanks,Tubey
I have a Philips 963 SA and Use it for DVD Picture and SACD sound for two years and I have had no problems and use it as a transport for the DVD which I play throught 3 dac for surround sound and the actual charge works great. A nice feature is I hit the power button to off when I am done and back on next to start and I am back where I started for the money you can go wrong. I have also be told the the Pioneer
Elite series is good also
Is it modded by Ric Schultz at EVS? You might be better of looking at his current projects, which take the sound far beyond the modded 963 SA for less money.