Philips 437 turntable

I recently picked-up a Philips 437 turntable and  I noticed when I was changing the belt that I could feel a little vibration in the motor shaft, (especially with the belt off) even with the switch in the OFF position.   It doesn't feel like it's trying to spin, it just feels like there's power going to it.  The turntable operates normally otherwise,  It just seems unusual to me that there would be power going to the motor( all of the time ) and I wondered if someone else with a 437 would be willing lift the platter on theirs and see if it's normal or if ( more often the case for me ) mine has a problem.   Thanks.
It is normal on an ARXA, so I wouldn't be too surprised. Something about the way the starting system (switch/ capacitor,etc.)is wired. Sorry, I'm no expert on the Phillips though.
If the switch is in the power line and actually breaks the connection, there should be nothing at the motor. Maybe they have a capacitor across the switch, that is starting to short, or leak, and is passing some AC power to it all the time. This capacitor would most likely be used to filter a turn on/off pop through the system, I believe.
Thanks, I did replace the capacitor that goes across the switch, but it didn't make a difference. I have since been told by another person who checked their 437, that its motor also had some vibration when switched off. I have also been told that it is a normal " trait " of at least some synchronous AC motors.
You may have been correct all along, with your mention of the AR XA earlier.
That was Hifiharv. I don't recall hearing this before.
Sorry, I think I need to pay better attention to things.