Philco 41-616 plus add ons looking for info& value

I have a Philco 41-616 Radio / Phonograph combo for standard broadcast and overseas reception with electric push button tuning and "wireless" remote control.
I know it was made in 1941, it has the Home Recorder Unit Model HR-1 that is used to cut your own records. It has two tables, one for cutting and another for play back. The Remote is called a "Mystery Control"
The style is Georgian and in 1941 this sold new for 395.00
Seems to have all the manuals, parts, cutters, etc. I would put the cabinet at a 7/10 condition and most due to age. Needs a real good cleaning.
I am sure it needs full restoration but would like more info on this and some kind of "today value"
Nostalgia Air has the schematic here :

scroll down till you find your model. Value? Not much. Radio/phono models don't fetch much even though yours is cool w/ a cutter.

Thank you for the site, this is very helpful.
Your welcome Dave. Great site isn't it? Good luck with your Philco.