Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area

The Philadelphia Area Audio Group welcomes fellow audio enthusiasts in the greater Philadelphia region. We have members from PA, NJ and DE, and we meet in various locations throughout the area. If you have an interest in connecting with us, we’d enjoy hearing from you!

More information about who we are and how we operate, upcoming meeting dates, and contact information are available through our web site:

Note: We ask that new members attend at least one gathering of the group before being added to our members-only mailing list.
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I am an audiophile living in Phila., and I am interested in learning more about The Philadelphia Area Audio Group. Please contact me.
I sent you an email, off list.
I am interested in joining the Philadelphia Area Audio Group. I live in Dover, De and would like to attend one of your gatherings. Please contact me.
Hi, Mctgood. Thanks for your interest! I've sent you an email directly.
I am interested and in the West Chester , Pa 19382 area
Best regards, Joe
How do you do a "gathering"?

I'm in W. Chester too [19380�the �other side� ;-) - hey Lithojoe] and am kind of curious how folks do this. Maybe I oughta get Victory Brewery to ante up some growlers [or Brandywine vineyards...whatever your tastes], get off our duffs and just do it�have a get-together.

Anyone interested?

If at my place, no problem, but I don�t want it too big though�
Lithojoe: I emailed you privately shortly after your post. For some reason my note to that effect was never posted here by the moderators.

Dbld, there are approximately 50 active members in our local group currently and we're meeting pretty much every month. Please take a look at the link in the intitial post to this thread for more information about the group and to see the next meeting date. We'd be happy for you to join us if you are interested. Just follow the directions on the Information Page to make a connection for more details.

Yahoo won't let me join the group due to some "cookie" issues...even though I have reset everything in my computer. Oh well...
Dbld, I've sent you an email privately. We'd love to have you join us at our next meeting, December 16. As noted above:
Note: We ask that new members attend at least one gathering of the group before being added to our members-only mailing list.
There is nothing wrong with "cookies" in your browser. You just needed to have sent an email to Slipknot1 as requested on the Information Page (link provided at web site) and then attend an upcoming meeting.
I live in downingtown,pa and interested in joining club, have a fairly decent system. would like to compare with other audiophiles.
i live in montgomery county. would be interested in meeting others. i had dropped a request to "join" that newsgroup thing mentioned in the thread- but got only a some kind generic response. awaiting membership "approval" for a couple weeks... *shrugs*
lithojoe, still interested in getting together to check out your system,how about sometime this month?
I live up near Scranton and can't seem to locate any clubs in the area. I am trying to get one going with no luck. I am interested in joining your club. Please forward any membership info.
Also interested. Live in west PA suburbs. Barry
Skipper320 and Barry-
You have mail...
I live in Exton, PA and am interested in your group. I am currently a member of the New Jersey Audio Society, and had no idea of your existence until just recently. When is you next meeting?
I am contemplating a purchase from Media, PA and am offering $200 to someone locally who can receive a money order, deliver the order to the seller, and ensure shipping. Please respond if you are interested. Thank you.
I live in downingtown and could do this.
I live in downingtown,pa. and could do this.
For those interested in the Philadelphia Area Audio Group which has met each month since 2003 and discussed in this thread, please contact us through the contact link on our homepage:
If you have any difficulty, you can send me "sbank" a private message to me through Audiogon messaging system
Spencer Bank
President, Philadelphia Area Audio Group