Phased and Confused

Dynavector Cartidge on my VPI Scout--Into my CJ-PV10A (phase inverting)--into Parsound Halo JC-1 Mono's. Can someone coach me on the requirements for:

1. speaker cable connections (phasing)
2. cartidge connections

I'm confused...and the diagram for the VPI seems to contradict the info for the Dynavector.
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Invert phase at the speakers.

Install cartridge in phase.
Instead of looking at the directions for TT and Cart look at the white papers or detailed specs to decide which wires on the TT are +/- and which terminals on the cart are +/- if it is not already obvious which is which.

You can double check by playing a test record that has a phasing track or just listen to some music.

Good luck! invert phase on the speakers, I'm assuming I just reverse the + - terminations at the speaker to the opposite of how they terminate at the amp, yes? Appreciate your help. Will also take your advise and buy a test record.
Yep. Just swap the +/- at teh speaker end and you are set.
Get a stereophile test CD either 1,2,3,4. They all have in - phase out of- phase test signals.
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