Phase Technology PC 60 ca v. Teatro 7.5 vdt, PC 80, or original PC 60

Hi. I recently listened to a pair of PC 60 ca speakers and was very impressed. Not enough bass, but great highs and midrange, and a subwoofer can deal with that. But they are $1400, which is steep.
   I have seen used, Phase Tech Teatro 7.5 vdt for sale, floorstanding, as well as PC80, and the original PC 60 (markII?). All for less.
    Does anyone know the differences between these models?
    Do they all use the same soft dome tweeter?
    Am I likely to be just as happy with one of the older models? 
  Fyi, listening to B&W 685 speakers and sub, Denon rcvr with 80w/ channel.

I have a pair of Phase Tech PC-80's in an oak finish, with original boxes, grills, etc. and in very good condition.Let me know if interested as I am selling them and they can be shipped.
Very nice sounding speakers.
How much incl shipping to 53589?
Are you the original owner?
Replaced surrounds or anything else?
Not sureh how to pm here but I'm sure there must be a way.