Phase Technology mini-monitors?

Anyone able to comment on Phase Technology small mini-monitor speakers, as compared to, say, Monitor Audios, Acoustic Energys, or NHTs? Are they even in the same league?
Hello, I had a three pair of the PC-80s with their matching subs. I sold all three sets to friends when I upgraded to some ADS 1290s and then again when I got a pair of KEF 104/2s. I am still kicking myself for letting them go. They imaged like nothing I've ever heard before or since. The PC-80s were very good by themselves but when you added the sub, it filled out the lower end very nicely. The image was wide, extending way beyond the speakers and it was very stable. I know that their wonderful imaging was a function of their small size but, I could listen for hours. My current system is ten times the cost of the old system. My current speakers are $6,500 per pair and they still don't image like the Phase Techs did. I had an album that had a duet with Willie Nelson and some woman that I can't remember who. They started out singing far apart singing straight ahead. A little later they turned toward each other and sang. I swear that you could see them turn and face each other. My very good buddy still has two pairs in his house that he uses every day. I keep asking him if he is finished with them but he won't let them go. Here is a little history. The founder of Phase Tech is also the patent holder of the "Soft Dome Tweeter". He also pioneered the flat piston driver. He and his company make the drivers for a lot of other speaker manufacturers. I don't have much experience with the newer models but, if each generation is a little better, you might want to listen to them before you buy another brand. Jim
I had a pair of 8.5 PC's (I'm not sure how these compared to yours), and the ADS L-1290's blew them away.