Phase rings on tweeters--better "highs" without?

I read recently, in a popular free tweeks listing, that by removing tweeter protection wires, screens, phase rings, etc.. a person can improve the high end sound of a speaker. My speakers sound a bit "veiled" --could a simple operation such as this improve the highs, or possibly distort things?
It will change the response by changing the dispersion. If you remove the phase ring then you will likely end up with too strong a signal directly on axis and an even weaker response off sxis.
I would be reluctant to re-engineer a tweeter.

Maybe adjust setup / room for help?

Disclaimer:: This coming from a guy who is dying to put his Maggies in a real wood frame and rebuild the crossover.
These folks say do it.I wonder if they will replace the tweeters that sound bad after you remove it.LINK>>[]
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