Phase Linear 3500

I found someone selling the Phase Linear 3500 online... asking $400. I have little info on older electronics. I have to questions.

1. Was this a good preamp back in the day?

2. Is this a good investment, or has technology come to far? I could buy a NAD C162 for around the same price ($500). I am wondering if the Phase Linear is an oldie but goodie or a relic of the past.

The preamps were OK compared to what was available at the time but it is a relic of the past. We used to call the power amps Flame Linears becuase they blew up on a regular basis. $400 is way to much to pay for a marginally performing outdated design.
Get the NAD C162, even though The Phase helped me in high school.
good to know, thanks!

I'll stick to something new like the Parasound Halo3 or the NAD c162

go with the NAD. Long ago I had a Phase 4000 pre; noisy, but I liked it until I learned to do better.
I've been using the 3500 coupled with the 400 Series II Power Amp, daily, for 38 years with no trouble. Perhaps the naysayers are abusers.
Those are great if you're planning an authentic Loggin's and Messina reunion show. In the early days they toured with 16 Altec A7s.