Phase invertion and biwired cables question.

I have a preamp that iverts phase.Does it make any difference with internally biwired cables (not a shotgun)whether to switch on the power amp end or on 4 binding posts of a speaker crossover box?Does it make any difference when internally biwired cables have a network box installed (MIT)?My cables are :SW Crescendos,Kimber Bi-focal XL and MIT Terminators.Thanks a lot for your assistance.
It makes no difference if you switch your connections at the amp end, OR the speaker end. The result will be the same.
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I had a similar issue with a passive pre that inverted. I was running a pair of Transparent Super Bi-cable XL, a networked cable. I flipped them at the amp end so I could A/B the results quickly (2 versus 4 spades to switch). Networked or not, it really doesn't matter which end of the cable you flip.