Phase Inverted DAC fix - w/o flipping spkr cables?

Some of the DACs I'm looking at are phase inverting - I do not really want to reverse my speaker cables because I have other compents that are not phase inverting hooked up.

Could I flip the leads on one of the interconnects? Would have to be cut open and resoldered I suppose - is this in any way dangerous or just plain stupid? If its this easy I would have expected someone to have invented a reverse phase IC by now.

And of course this brings up the question - are we really talking about phase or polarity? Reversing speaker cables is really just swapping the polarity - not truly the same thing as phase. So when they say a DAC is reverse phase - do they really just mean reverse polarity in one channel?

Polarity is a binary concept - pos and neg and that's it. Whereas phase is really a continuum of degreed offsets in the time domain. Or so I've read...
Strictly speaking there is no polarity for an interconnect cable. Interconnects carry an AC signal and by switching the leads of the interconnect you flip the phase, i.e. you shift the phase of the signal they carry by 180 degrees.

The problem with flipping leads is that one lead usually is grounded. Flipping leads would put the signal to ground. I would assume that creates problems with most electronic equipment.

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It would be simple if using balanced interconnects. All you have to do is reverse the positive and negative on one end. But, phase reversal is not a bad thing as long as each cable has the same phase. It is hard to know what is correct anyway as most recordings go through so many processes that phase is changed many times and can be different from one to the next.
If buying from a maker? Just have them to un-invert the phase in the unit itself. I had this done to mine so I wouldn't have to swap speaker cables.
Sorry, I am not sure, but I think you might be confusing yourself. First you say you do not want to have to reverse the speakers cables to invert the phase back, then in the next pargraph you say reversing the speaker cables is not phase inversion.

There is a lot of confusion between the terms phase inversion and polarity. Both terms are used to mean either possible scenarios by various manufacturers. Which is which depends on who you are talking to at the moment.

When a system is out of phase, caused by many components but usually certain brand preamps; switching the speaker cables will bring the system back into phase. If you don't, then the plus+ speaker terminal is the getting the minus- signal (and vise versa). It probably won't sound its best.

I would check with the DAC manufacturer about what they actually mean by phase inversion or polarity. Some DAC's and CD players have a polarity switch because the polarity if off during the digital recording process of the music. This has no affect on the phase or polarity of the audio system, just on how the DAC interprets the coding on the CD.