Bizarre Ride II.This is an excellent cd.I'm a big jazz fan,and this band has some of the best hooks I've heard .Can anyone point me towards more music of this style.
Check out older Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest.
I bought a Digable planets cd,'reachin',sorry buddy,but it sucks.The singers sound about 14yrs of age,and 'sing'with all the octave range of the speaking clock-pure monotone,it's the same format for every song.Couldn't hold a candle to the Pharcyde.
"Reachin" is the wrong album from The Digables. Try "Blowout Comb". You also absolutly should try some stuff from The Roots...Try "Illadelph Halflife" or "Do You Want More?!?!".
More to discover