Phantom Supreme to 4Point-14?

I'm considering it. Who's done it and what did you think? Members who've heard a head-to-head comparison are also welcome to chime in.

The turntable is an SP10R in Artisan Fidelity plinth. Cartridges at this point are an mainlyan A90 and Benz Ebony TR, but I'm planning for a MSL Gold or Platinum sometime down the road.



Dear Leww, Thanks for your politeness and kindness. However those

seem to apply only after your dead. I don't believe in God or other

not physical entities by in  your case I do beieve in angels. Your wife

is different  from  all others. She give up her by mother neture given

right to decide about furnishing but  you used your own right and

provided even your living room with those ''Spanish doors'' invented

for the shay  people by clothing but in you case called ''HUGE electrostate''

of which you own TWO . One in the celar were your wine is also situated. 

All my visitors and IN particuar ladies asked ''what are THOSE?  refering

to my speakers. The ''obvous qiestion'' was ''why areTHOSE so big?''

But they were never satisfy with my answer: ''you can't get bass from small kind!''

All the ladies  advised my wife to divorse your trully without knowing my

ONLY condition to my than girl friend: ''I want the right to choose my speakrs''

all other ''things'' related to furnishing will be your ''jurisdiction''. But geuss

what: her whole life she regreted this ''only one'' condition. You can than

understan in this context  why I want to see and chat  with your wife. Kenwood

included. I am sure that I will  get ''this one'' for free from her. because she

AT LAST will be liberated from your hobby.


Nah. She’s oblivious to the big speakers, maybe because we’ve been married 45 years and I’ve had speakers of similar size, if not even bigger and more ugly (two pairs of KLH 9s) since before we met. 

Dear Lew, I think that your (beloved) son explains the situation. His ascetic

charakter he obviously ''inherited'' from his mom and not from his dad.

My beloved son is the oposit but in the sens that he also does not

care about my hobby but well about his. More in particuar who should pay

for HIS hobby.

But now ''something totaly different''.. Nobody got the idea to check those

so called ''jewel bearings'' on internet.  Raul will not change his mind

but probably understand the problem of those RUBY bearings in his

beloved  EPA 100. Not to mention their BEST MM's with ''damper'' problem

called ''low riders'',