Phantom mode for DD ot DTS

I am looking for a pre/pro that has a good phantom mode for DD & DTS. Due to living condition, I cannot accomodate a dedicated center channel. Price < $2000. Thanks in advnace
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any pre-pro can give you a phantom center. when programming speaker selection tell the prepro that you don't have a center channel. this is done in the speaker selection menu. all center info is routed to the fronts. you'll have to pay more attention to front speaker placement, but not having a center is ok. especially if only 1-2 people are watching.
i don't think that it makes any difference which prepro you choose in terms of one giving you a better phantom than another other than considerations you would make if you were getting a center channel. in this case factors that provide good stereo imaging, would also provide a good phantom image. when auditioning, have the sales dude turn off the center. this could also help you determine how familiar he is with the equipment.

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EAD processors (stay away from the Encore, single bit processing, lacks resolution, Ovation or higher is much much better) and Meridian 565,561,and up will support this.

Most good pre-amp processors should support this.
You're speakers image extremely well so as long as you are in the sweet spot you won't be missing anything from lack of a center channel. (I did this with NHT 3.3's and Magnepan IIIa's without a center and later with... ) but the center just helps with off center listening (your friends)...

Just make sure to get a sub for LFE effects or you will be missing tons of information with your B&W805 monitors.
Thanks guys
For the record....let me say that I think you are on the right track!!!!

I have Martin Logan CLS IIz's in the front, and a Martin Logan Theater Center. I have an EAD Theatermaster 8800pro processor.

I recently did extensive testing with the center channel in versus the center channel out with processor in phantom mode.

Guess what......unless you are WAAAAYYY off axis, the sound is much better in phantom mode. Not surprising, since we could have had center channels a long time ago, but there are good reasons that stereo w/o a center channel has a wider, deeper soundstage.

Lose the center....or don't get one in the first place!!!!