Phantom center channel volume

For anyone using phantom center channel, Does your processor have sense enough to attenuate the center channel 3dB or does it just send the signal to both the frt l & r? I have yet to find an AVR that isn't 3dB too loud with phantom center. With no center selected in speaker setup one obviously doesn't have any way access volume control of the center channel. I am considering an upgrade to a processor as I have never used the amps in my AVR. Will the processor be any different?
My Lexicon DC-1 seemed to do the right thing and for 2-channel down mixes allowed the center level to be specified.
Wow, That's cool! Lexicon is one brand I am considering as I like the logic 7. I was just hoping there was a way to set the balance of the center correctly. Having volume control of a phantom center is a great bonus.
Doesnt phantom mean its not there? How can you have control of a speaker that isnt even there? I dont really get this one.
Chad, even if there is no actual center speaker, I can see how one might want to control the volume level of the content of the center channel signal, even if it is being reproduced via the front L/R speakers.
Ive just never heard that asked or aware of feature.
For whatever it's worth, I bought a Proceed AVP2 and even a high end processor such as this can't get it right! It is still just sending the signal to both fronts and not correcting for the 3dB increase as two speakers are now reproducing the signal instead of a single speaker.
I don't really undertand why this is an issue. Can you not simply bring the main front channels volume down by 3db in the set-up, or increase the rear channels output by 3db's? Would this not solve the problem?
why is this an issue......
The main front channels are producing the center channel so there IS no center adjustment. The issue is center volume relative to the FRONT channels.