Phantom B44 overhang concern

Enclose a picture of my cartridge on a B44 arm.

Notice where the position of the cart is.
I aligned it using the mint protractor.
the sound is quite good.
What happens if I move the cart more forward ?
I know the overhang changes. Granting i aligned it with the two null points. Would there be some negative effects ?
I consulted some people on this regard. Some feel, the overhang is not that important provided the cart is aligned ?
thanks for the guidance.
What's wrong with it? If that's where the alignment system says it should be, then leave it. It has great contact with the headshell and for all we know this is where the cartridge designer wanted it mounted in relation to headshells.

Of course my answer is conditional on all the measurements being right, like the arm hole drilled properly etc to.

You've got a great arm and cartridge, enjoy !
"What happens if you move the cart forward?" Assuming that the arm is set to the proper P2S distance, if you move the cart forward the stylus will no longer be tracing the arc at the correct effective length and your alignment will be off.

Think about what the overhang distance is, what the P2S distance is, and how they relate. If you do so you will realize that these vectors are incorporated in the radius used to draw the arc on your protractor. So if you set the stylus to the arc, overhang for that cart on that arm are set correctly. Don't get hung up on where the screws end up.
Fld, your cartridge screws are almost exactly where mine are for the same arm. I would not be concerned.
thanks for the informative info... Thank you!
When I align my Ortofon A90 in the Phantom with the mint - or the Graham protractor - it ends up in a very similar position to your Shelter. Same with the Ortofon Jubilee.
The Denon 103R on the other hand is positioned mid-way in the headshell slots. I'd say the Denon conforms to the standard 'mount to stylus tip' distance - the Ortofon and Shelter do not.
Of course this is why slotted headshell mounting is provided by tonearm manufacturers (except SME who ignore this) - so you can maintain the correct 'pivot to stylus' distance with cartridges of varying 'mount to stylus tip' measurements.
You seem to be suggesting that all cartridges, for all alignment geometries, should have their screws in the centre of the fixing slots?
If that were so, why have the slots?
You'll find different cartridges and different geometries will be accommodated by the screws 'moving' within the slotted holes.
Please don't lose a moment's sleep over this.
Also, depending on your turntable, the spindle to pivot distance of the arm, may not be 100% accurately set thus resulting in some adjustment required in the overhang geometry?
Don't worry. The Alignment is based on the position of the needle. When you want a cartridge which is more "in the middle" of the slots, try a Lyra Helikon :-)