Phantom Arm VTA change from regular to 180 gram LP

With the Phantom arm, how much change should there be dialed on the micrometer between a standard LP, a 18O gram, and a 200 gram?

I hope this question makes sense.

I have really just started to get into VTA dialing and want to know how much of a range I should be adjusting in on the built in scale.
A little bit higher, but honestly it depends on your cartridge. Some are more sensitive to VTA than others.
When it is done, you have to check the VTF, otherwise you can't compare it.
When your arm is new, you also need 100h for the wire in the Arm Tube.
I agree with Thomasheisig above. I have an SME table and Phantom arm with Audioquest AQ7000Fe5 cartridge. The differences in sound in VTA on record thickness differences in this range are hardly worth messing with. There are probably cartridges that are a lot more sensitive to VTA.