Phantom 2 arm using SME vs Graham mount

If anyone has listened to both the SME and Graham custom mounts with the Phantom Two or Supreme tonearm using the same associated equipment, what specific sound differences were you able to detect? Sincere thanks.
Unlike the earlier Graham 1.5 arm (which had an adjustable micrometer sliding arrangement on its SME base), Grahams SME base for the Phantom II is a solid plate with the SME footprint. The arm-post locking arrangement looks the same for both Graham/SME mounts. So the difference is really the shape of the mounting plate and the fact that Graham's SME base has elongated fixing holes providing some (more) adjustment to set correct pivot/spindle distance.

While I don't want to pre-empt anyone who has actually done the comparison - I predict any audible difference would be slight to non-existant.

I would suggest that if you have a SME cutout get the SME plate, otherwise get the Graham.
There won't be many out there who tried that. All I can say, I did it years ago with Graham 2.2 series (The Basis/Graham Dealer had a Basis Armboard for it, I had the Graham mount at that time at the Basis Debut). I was not able to hear a difference at that time.
Thanks Tobes and Syntax. I brought this up because I had previously read someone's Audiogon comments claiming he heard both mounts and felt the Graham sounded better than the SME in several areas. In correspondence with Jeff Catalano at Highwater, he indicated no significant differences. I'm ready to go with the Raven One 'table and either the Phantom 2 Supreme or TW Acustic 10.5 arm. At the moment, I own the SME IV.Vi.

Since you allready have the SME mount on the TW armboard, stay with that. As you know you cannot swap inserts with the SME mount, you need to purchase a new armboard.

I almost agree. The ergonomics of the Graham w. the regular mount is much nicer. I didn't like the setup of the Graham w. the SME mount. I find it very different to an SME itself where it is made with fixed holes to attach to the table. The Graham slides back and forth. Adding a 2nd variable. The TW arm board already allows the needed adjustment. The Phantom should cost less in a regular mount and look nicer.

I don't remember any difference in sound.