Petroff labs 3 way floor speakers any info

I`ve owned these so long I just had them refoamed,they look a bit like nestorvic`s,have a poly woffer - looks like a speaker lab,only diffrent.I`m unable to find much info on these,any help would be great.
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Sorry to not be on subject here but wasn't sure how to get a hold of you. I posted a thread the other day on Audiogon about looking for a tech to repair my JVC SuperDigifne receiver in the Seattle area and someone emailed me your user name stating that you may know a tech or are one? Guess the person that gave me your user name said your tech repaired his Audio research Pre amp?

If you have any leads please email me

Joe the best tech I know of around these parts is at Nuts About Hi - Fi Silverdale Wa. his name is george, dose great work[ recapeed my Metaxas Solitaire ll & found some impossible parts 360-698-1348
Oh my, just now seeing this response, ha ha! I apologize for not thanking you bkdou812. Guess I thought I would have received an email stating I had responses on the forum discussion here, but apparently never did and I'm not on this site much checking. Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I still have the receiver believe it or not and will try calling George at Nuts about Hifi! I have been using another Tech out of Kirkland who is pretty good called Repair Master, very nice guy and has fixed several electronic pieces of mine.
Well, I just called Nuts about HiFi and George the Tech doesn't work there any longer. Gal never said what happened to him and seemed surprised I mentioned his name?? Anyone know if he's working on his own or someone else? Thanks