Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19

I saw on Facebook late last night that Mike Fremer told one of his Audio Friends that he heard from Peter Lederman of Soundsmith that he is suffering his second round with COVID.  Peter said he has blood clots on his lungs. That is all the post said.  Here is hoping that Peter pulls through with a full recovery. 
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Gluppy as you are so lovingly and often referred to on these forums. Your (sic) everyone’s great grand mother in law.
FWIW, I enjoy @glupson’s clarity and sarcasm. I don’t get GGMIL vibes.

Well, thanks. I did not expect it.

For the record, in this particular thread, I curbed myself. It was not my intention to be sarcastic, but rather informational (taking and giving) and respectful of Mr. Ledermann.
I also was trying to be informational and not to be shot at. The world needs both vaccines and therapeutics the one I mentioned may potentially be the turnaround short and long term. That's all. Tom