Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19

I saw on Facebook late last night that Mike Fremer told one of his Audio Friends that he heard from Peter Lederman of Soundsmith that he is suffering his second round with COVID.  Peter said he has blood clots on his lungs. That is all the post said.  Here is hoping that Peter pulls through with a full recovery. 
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Thanks for the link. I was going by current rules in Israel which. mostly, seem to be on the level that some places in the U.S.A. have been on from many months ago. Israel seems to have had much stricter rules prior to that so it is a relative loosening, but to levels still much stricter than 2019. Just like everyone else, I am waiting to see how their experiment will turn out to be, once they loosen it up to 2019 level.
Mr. Ledermann,

Your few posts might have done more for sobering up on this website than a number of CDC, FDA, and whatever else links over the last year. Thank you for that.

Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. It is much easier to trip when running, Take it easy and slow.
Unheard, Unseen


It’s when silence stalks the frozen wood

when the quiet repose of spring’s fertile hush

consumed by the rhythm of neighborhood  

dreams breathing feel of summer’s blush


it’s when the forest speaks so loud

I can’t help but weep the promise heard

when the wedded sense of all endowed

silence sweeps me through its every word


how present in absence, how the vacuum’s abhorred

how everything remains so fascinating

drags us away from ourselves so bored

to steal us from earth slowly rotating


it’s the wrong sense, lost time quickly ticking

heard too loud till worth’s undone

held too tightly smartly unwitting

itself now blind to the midnight sun


So I pray I not grow deaf and old

That my heart will forever long to feel

That my eyes not deceived by some fool’s gold

That what’s invisible speaks truly what is so real


Filled with life ever abounding

(always reborn)

Unspoken truth

(death’s not a dream)

The heart apart remains forlorn

When it loses hold

(of the hand of the unseen

~ peter ~ and a thank you to all who have sent me healing wishes.
Moving truth...

Thanks very much.....
In an age when marketing BS rules supreme, and social media produces enough gas to power hot air balloons for every man, woman and child on the planet, it's totally refreshing to have a thread like this w Peter's poetic licence on replies.
More power to your nocturnal pen and notepad, Peter.